Made of merino wool in every colour imaginable.


Handpicked by our stylists. All sets have a story to tell.


Style to bedazzle! Add a bit of magic to your hairdo.


How long does my hair need to be?

For our double ended wooldreads you’ll need a  least finger length of hair to braid with.

For natural dreads you’ll need at least 10 cm of hair, longer is prefered.

Which length of wooldreads should I go with?

Hats ‘n Dreads wooldreads are available in 4 sizes:

S: 60 cm / 24 inch
M: 80 xm / 31 inch
L: 100 cm / 39 inch
XL: 120 cm / 47 inch

Our wooldreads are double ended. This means that one 120 cm dread gives you roughly two 60 cm dreads when braided in. To get a nonchalant look we advice you to choose dreads that are a bit longer than your own hairlength. For a more coherent style go with the length your hair has now.

How many wooldreads would I need?

For a full head of dreads most people use about 60 dreads. It depends on the size of hair sections you use: small sections means you’ll need more dreads, with a more voluminous result. Bigger sections means less dreads. For people with a lot of and/or thick hair, making smaller sections is easy. For people with thin or not too much hair, the sections must be devided in such a way that you’ll have enough hair to braid the dreads with.

How do I take care of my dreads?

Wooldreads are easy! You can wash them together with your own hair with regular shampoo. Please mind not to use any conditioner, this will soften the hair and the braids will loosen as a result.
While drying with a towel knead the water out of the dreads. Try not to pull. 

When it’s time to refasten or let go of your wooldreads, simply remove the elastic band and braid them out. To ease the process you can use a hair conditioner when washing your hair beforehand. 

Wash the wooldreads with green soap or shampoo. Let dry and store the wooldreads dry place. A bag with scented herbs will keep them nice and fresh for the next time you decide to braid them in. 

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